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The Best Kept Secret

Have you ever wondered why some logistic implementation projects fail and others succeed? After analyzing dozens of examples, certain trends and patterns began to emerge allowing us to share, through this animated video, the most common examples. Antonio is happy to have overcome these concerns and gets questioned by his peers, who are trying to […]

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Do you know the meaning of sequencing?

It is the perfect integration between the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the Warehouse Control System (WCS). This means that every time you are required to serve one of your distribution channels (DTT, UTT, Retail, E-Commerce, Direct sales…) you should have to consider changing the physical layout of your operation (like segregating warehouse areas for […]

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A Logistics Solution “State of the Art”

We share with you a success story of how one of our clients in the Multichannel Distribution (Pharma, Cosmetics, School, Home, Toys, etc.) decides to mark patterns in Latin American logistics by establishing the most technologically advanced logistics solution in Central America and Caribbean.

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Success Kettle Sánchez & Co

We share with you a video of success of the renowned Dominican company Kettle Sánchez & Co, dedicated to the representation and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

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Intelligent Warehouse Solutions

“A successfully proven methodology for distribution centers design” What are the challenges a warehouse / logistics manager faces in a successful business? We present Antonio: A warehouse manager, who tries his best to keep up with everyday demands placed upon his warehouse operation and logistics team. The success of the business increases everyday demands on […]

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MOVE 2016

MOVE HEALTHCARE 28-30 September 2016. Zaragoza, Spain. Our “Preferred Partner”, KNAPP A.G., hosted the 2016 MOVE event in the month of September at Zaragoza City, Spain. Sobek participated with a group of special guests. The main topics: New Technologies, ROI and Scalability of an Automated Solution, Technology as a Tool to Prevent Drugs Counterfeit, Agility in Supply Chain.

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Record implementations in 2015 by SOBEK Logística

Over the past 4 years the intralogistics specialist SOBEK logística s.a. who is based in Panama has experienced strong growth. SOBEK logística s.a. has successfully implemented over 80 projects, with 100% customer satisfaction. Of the implemented projects more than 30 include a high level of Software & Hardware automation. Over the past 4 years the intralogistics specialist SOBEK […]

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Special Publication “Panama Bridge in the world, heart of the…

Panama as a country has an extraordinary quality of life, and full employment opportunities, many migrant offering incentives such as tax for multinational companies established in this beautiful country, which also has a huge tourist attraction, a sublime cuisine, as few cities in the world have a caring environment, rich biodiversity and a friendly people […]

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BOOK release “Road to Excellence”

Prologue: “Rather than write a book on Logistics, we have chosen to print in a graphic form a successful path: the success of our customers. Because we believe in the development of new technologies and their confidence in us, our customers have implemented top of the line logistics solutions, and consequently continue to be the […]

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