Visit to customer distribution center

A facility tour is a critical first step in the process of evaluating a possible fulfillment partner. Not all warehouses are fulfillment centers. Not all fulfillment centers are appropriate for every business. It’s important to find out if a partner’s facility aligns with the needs of your brand. 

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Christmas dinner

For us, this celebration plays an important role in the image that the staff has of the company and certainly influences the experience of working here. First and foremost, we think of parties as a "thank you" to staff.

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Father's Day

Any celebration in the office can help boost staff morale and productivity. Father's Day, always gives us the perfect opportunity for a celebration where we can show our appreciation for all the dads that work in office.

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Office meetings

Meetings provide a valuable forum for teamwork, helping to share ideas, make decisions, establish team relationships and even make people feel less alone at work.

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Team lunches

A well-constituted team moves in the same direction, supports each other in difficult moments and follows the leader so that together they can reach their goal.

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Birthdays 2022

Although it may not seem a very relevant tradition, from our point of view, celebrating the birthday of each member of our work team is a very important motivational and bonding tool.

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Sobek shares corporative video in the month of their 20th anniversary

As we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of SOBEK LOGISTICA SA it is remarkable how much we have accomplished in our steadfast dedication to help clients, from 13+ different countries in Latin America, to achieve real and tangible benefits as the result of their operation running live SOBEK solutions. Its been quite a journey and […]

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Integration a picking tower inside of a warehouse

While in the current public health crisis, logistics has proven to be a major axe in companies strategic business plan. Companies with a technologically advanced warehouse operation have better responded to the high demand, rapid changing market environment that we live in today. As your business tries to keep up with this pace, at SOBEK […]

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Warehouse solution for the beauty & cosmetics industry

Cheak out this State -of-the-Art warehouse solution designed by SOBEK specially for the beauty and cosmetics industry.

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Warehouse solution for the food distribution & retail industry

Covid 19 crisis has consistently proven that companies need to focus their efforts on securing supplies, manufacturing and logistics. As one of the few industries whose continuity has been less afected, food distribution and retail companies urgently require a fast pace, reactive and effective warehouse operation. Bearing that in mind, SOBEK logistica will like to […]

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