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Pharmaceutical industry Distribution and representation of laboratories, Caribbean Country


Fulfill the corporate vision: The distribution center should have the infrastructure, equipment, human resources and processes to respond to the logistics requirements projected to a future growth to 5 years considering the search for an aggressive expansion


  • Monitoring and control, zero paper solution, error reduction
  • Radio frequency
  • Picking performed by scanning a barcode (zero paper) that operates through a wireless network
  • Manual picking lines
  • WMS (kisoft): organization of the flow of merchandise and resources, acts as a guide for the human team (elimination of unnecessary movements)
  • Automatic control stations: Quality control, packing and closing
  • Shelving racks “+" carton flows “+ selective racks
  • Picking tower
  • Multipurpose mezzanine


You will now see that we have placed chronologically within time the process design, development and implementation of the distribution center.

  1. Identification of several opportunities to develop a logistic solution

  2. Project start SOBEK logistica is chosen as integrator

  3. Master data is provided by the customer

  4. Preliminary analysis of data

  5. Purchase orders Mezzanine, Rack systems, handling equipment, others

  6. Progress on civil works

  7. Conclusion of civil works

  8. WMS configuration Development of interfaces , testing & installation Arrival & installation of racks and technology Testing Customer and Provider integration tests Go live 2012 2013 2014

  9. Arrival & installation of racks and technology

  10. Testing Customer and Provider integration tests

  11. Go live

If you wish to find out more about this case, get to know all the details and what is the system we implement by downloading this document.

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