As we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of SOBEK LOGISTICA SA it is remarkable how much we have accomplished in our steadfast dedication to help clients, from 13+ different countries in Latin America, to achieve real and tangible benefits as the result of their operation running live SOBEK solutions. Its been quite a journey and we cant thank you enough, all of our clients, staff and members of the SOBEK family who have stayed with us through thick and thin. Cheers for the next 20 years to come!!

While in the current public health crisis, logistics has proven to be a major axe in companies strategic business plan. Companies with a technologically advanced warehouse operation have better responded to the high demand, rapid changing market environment that we live in today.

As your business tries to keep up with this pace, at SOBEK logistica we would like to offer our optimization services to discover improvement opportunities with in your reach and that don't involve massive capital investment nor long ROI
Companies with a tecnologically advansed warehouse operation have better responded to the high demand, rapid changing market environment that we live in today.

As your business tries to keep up with this pace, at SOBEK logistica we would like to offer our optimization services to discover improvement opportunities with in your reach and that don't involve massive capital investment nor long ROI

Cheak out this State -of-the-Art warehouse solution designed by SOBEK specially for the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Covid 19 crisis has consistently proven that companies need to focus their efforts on securing supplies, manufacturing and logistics.

As one of the few industries whose continuity has been less afected, food distribution and retail companies urgently require a fast pace, reactive and effective warehouse operation.

Bearing that in mind, SOBEK logistica will like to share with you and animated video of a Best-in-Class warehouse solution for the food distribution industry.

We would like to share with you a semi-automated warehouse solution for the hardware and distribution industry.

As all hardware retailer, its is required to handle a variety of product ranging from very small to oversized items. This solution was specifically designed for small to medium size products.

A manual work station is a combination of storage systems and transportation systems that uses the principle of Goods to Person to perform picking.

The products are stored in carton flow racks, to benefit from the gravity and make required items always accesible to the picker.

There are also 2 lines of conveyor, one automated conveyor for transportation and divertion and one manual conveyor for cumulating orders allocated to that work station.

Upon completion, the picker must place the tote on the automated line for further transportation


"Rather than write a book on Logistics, we have chosen to print in a graphic form a successful path: the success of our customers.
Because we believe in the development of new technologies and their confidence in us, our customers have implemented top of the line logistics solutions, and consequently continue to be the leaders in their industry

All along these pages, we have wanted to capture, precisely, the path to excellence!

For us at Sobek Logistica, this concept is more than a philosophy: it is our reason for being.

This “Mission” of ours, together with the methodology, the knowledge of the business and an enriching experience, has allowed us to consolidate as “experts in developing Distribution and Storage Centers” and places us among the most important companies in logistics development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The path to excellence aims to present a clear and simple view of the importance of logistics development for modern companies in their areas of distribution and product management. The need to be more competitive is, without doubt, one of the driving forces encouraging entrepreneurs to concentrate on the optimization of logistics processes.

This volume presents in a simple manner the implementation of logistic processes and how a company can increase and / or improve its productivity levels. How to get to know step by step the way the plan starts, beginning with the information provided by the customer to understand his business and passing through several processes such as design, engineering, planning, construction of the infrastructure, until the implementation of advanced technologic solutions for the optimal storage and handling of products.

In the presentation of each of these pages the aim is to visually display the itinerary followed by Sobek Logistica during more than fifteen years of experience in the business and also the development of major projects for storing and distribution that the company has implemented through time.

Maybe some of these printed images do not display in bright colors and in full detail the extent of the works represented, we apologize for that, but we think it is more important to appreciate them for their chronological value in the development of logistic in Latin America.

We have also tried to present in a few words and images the future of warehouse logistics, presenting several trends and future (upcoming) technologies, some of which are already available. These technologies not only make the results of the logistics processes more efficient and profitable but reflect it usability, satisfaction and quality of life for people.

In summary, we present a visual chronology, with a scalable methodology, of how our logistics solutions have been a real competitive advantage for our customers, which makes us leaders in operational excellence in distribution centers."

Mauricio Rojas J

Executive Director

Sobek Logistica s.a

“Una metodología exitosa en el diseño de soluciones logísticas para Centros de Distribución”

¿Cuáles son los retos que enfrenta todo responsable de centro de distribución al manejar un floreciente negocio?

Les presentamos a Antonio: un gerente de operaciones que se esfuerza por mantener el buen ritmo de la preparación de pedidos y de su equipo de logística. El éxito del negocio aumenta cada día la presión impuesta sobre la operación. Vea este video para conocer en dónde encuentra Antonio el apoyo para optimizar su operación.

Para saber más escríbanos a

¿Qué fue lo que hizo Antonio para mejorar su operación logística?

Alguna vez se ha preguntado ¿por qué algunos proyectos de implementaciones logísticas fracasan y otros tienen éxito? Luego de analizar decenas de ejemplos, ciertas tendencias y patrones comenzaron a surgir permitiéndonos recrear, a través de este video cartoon, los ejemplos más clásicos.

Antonio contento de haber superado estas preocupaciones, es interrogado por sus colegas de la industria que aún se encuentran tratando de sacar a flote sus proyectos y están más que intrigados en conocer su secreto.

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We design and integrate solutions for distribution centers. Our motto “Operational Excellency” offers scalable solutions: Automatics, semi-automatics and manuals.
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