Sobek Logística - Your partner for Distribution Center.



If your pharmaceutics or cosmetics business is interested on realizing an efficient product preparation, with a register and follow of the batches y serial number, we recommend your our operational model, with it you can achieve better solutions for your business:

Our Operation Model allows:

  • Fast investment return
  • Low initial investment costs (modularity and scalability)
  • Flexible extension in the different areas (picking, automatization…)
  • Possible growth

  • High productivity
  • High level of customer service (checking stations,control…)
  • Flexibility (construction area, building height, levels…)


With Sobek your company will achieve:

Raising flows within the distribution center

  • Reduce the picking activities
  • Optimize the use of human resources
  • Gain productivity
  • Extend the SKU number
  • Raise the number of pallets in the distribution center

New opportunities with operational excellency

  • Expand your market with more quantity of the product
  • Reduce delivery time
  • Improve customer service

SOBEK Logistica, your ´Partner´ for Distribution Center.