Sobek Logística - Your partner for Distribution Center.



In Sobek we are experts working with electronic commerce. By that means, if you wish an efficient preparation, immediate supply, safe packing and an optimized return operation, you have to meet our Sobek Operation Model. With it nothing is impossible and with us either,together, we can make the best competitive advantage.

Our Sobek Operational Model allows you:

  • Complete access to the product pallet
  • Consolidation of many small requests
  • Ground preparation
  • Division on individual orders after scanning the products bar code
  • Use of open shelves, accessible from both sides (classification zone and packing)

  • Put to light: Assignment of requested boxes from the customer,confirmation of the complete preparation process in the shelving system
  • Pick to light: Withdrawal of requested items ready for expedition from the customer’s boxes, liberate shelve compartments and up next, confirm the whole process on the shelves.
  • Bills impression and address labels


With SOBEK Your E-Commerce will achieve…

Raising flows within the distribution center

  • Reduce the picking activities
  • Optimize the use of human resources
  • Gain productivity
  • Extend the SKU number
  • Raise the number of pallets in the distribution center

New opportunities with operational excellency

  • Expand your market with more quantity of the product
  • Reduce delivery time
  • Improve customer service

SOBEK Logistica, your ´Partner´ for Distribution Center.