Sobek Logística - Your partner for Distribution Center.



If you are a distribution company and you have fixed as an objective a stocking that could optimize to the limit your space, with an ergonomic preparation, assembling and efficient supply as well ass a higher level of your services for your clients…. Sober has the perfect innovator solution you need.

With our Operational Model designed to suit the Distribution or Retail sector you will achieve:

  • Fast investment return
  • Low initial investment costs (modularity and scalability)
  • Flexible extension in the different areas (picking, automatization…)

  • Possible growth
  • High productivity
  • High level of customer service (checking stations,control…)
  • Flexibility (construction area, building height, levels…)


Con Sobek your company will achieve:

Raising flows within the distribution center

  • Reduce the picking activities
  • Optimize the use of human resources
  • Gain productivity
  • Extend the SKU number
  • Raise the number of pallets in the distribution center

New opportunities with operational excellency

  • Expand your market with more quantity of the product
  • Reduce delivery time
  • Improve customer service

SOBEK Logistica, your ´Partner´ for Distribution Center.