Warehouse solution for the food distribution & retail industry

Covid 19 crisis has consistently proven that companies need to focus their efforts on securing supplies, manufacturing and logistics. As one of the few industries whose continuity has been less afected, food distribution and retail companies urgently require a fast pace, reactive and effective warehouse operation. Bearing that in mind, SOBEK logistica will like to […]

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A state of the art warehouse solution for the hardware and construction retail industry

We would like to share with you a semi-automated warehouse solution for the hardware and distribution industry. As all hardware retailer, its is required to handle a variety of product ranging from very small to oversized items. This solution was specifically designed for small to medium size products.

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Functional process of a manual work station

A manual work station is a combination of storage systems and transportation systems that uses the principle of Goods to Person to perform picking. The products are stored in carton flow racks, to benefit from the gravity and make required items always accesible to the picker. There are also 2 lines of conveyor, one automated […]

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Intelligent Warehouse Solutions

“Una metodología exitosa en el diseño de soluciones logísticas para Centros de Distribución” ¿Cuáles son los retos que enfrenta todo responsable de centro de distribución al manejar un floreciente negocio? Les presentamos a Antonio: un gerente de operaciones que se esfuerza por mantener el buen ritmo de la preparación de pedidos y de su equipo […]

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Best Kept Secret

¿Qué fue lo que hizo Antonio para mejorar su operación logística? Alguna vez se ha preguntado ¿por qué algunos proyectos de implementaciones logísticas fracasan y otros tienen éxito? Luego de analizar decenas de ejemplos, ciertas tendencias y patrones comenzaron a surgir permitiéndonos recrear, a través de este video cartoon, los ejemplos más clásicos. Antonio contento […]

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BOOK release "Road to Excellence"

Prologue: "Rather than write a book on Logistics, we have chosen to print in a graphic form a successful path: the success of our customers. Because we believe in the development of new technologies and their confidence in us, our customers have implemented top of the line logistics solutions, and consequently continue to be the […]

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We design and integrate solutions for distribution centers. Our motto “Operational Excellency” offers scalable solutions: Automatics, semi-automatics and manuals.
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